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Wingfield Scale & Measure has delivered proven measurement solutions since 1937. Now, the company presents the advanced WingScan LiDAR product systems.

The WingScan products have been developed to use and install for various projects and product lines, easily calibrated, commissioned and designed to be maintenance-free for years.

WingScan allows real-time remote material monitoring utilizing a single control,via secure, intuitive interface options on a computer or cell phone.

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For three generations, Wingfield Scale and Measure has offered innovative instruments, improving the ability to measure and manage the movement of materials. The WingScan Product Line is the next great tool in your toolbox.

WingScan Product Line

  • Wingscan B - Conveyor Belt Volume

Installed over any width conveyor belt, the volume scanner displays real time volume as material moves along the beltline. LEARN MORE


  • Wingscan T - Truck Volume

Used in permanent, semi permanent, and mobile applications, the truck volume scanner provides real time volumes of vehicle truck beds. Contact Us for more information.


  • Wingscan R - Rail Volume

Fixed installation of the rail volume scanner allows open rail cars to be scanned empty and full to product verified volumes for loading and unloading. Contact Us for more information.

Conveyor Belt Volume - WingScan B

Truck Volume - WingScan T

Rail Car Volume - WingScan R

Custom Design - WingScan

Have a specialized project or volume based need? Contact us, Wingfield can impliment custom designed solutions.

WingScan B

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