Wingfield Scale Acquires Engineered Dimensions

WINGFIELD SCALE COMPANY is pleased to announce its acquisition of Engineered Dimensions, Inc., of Gainesville, Georgia. Sally Zadra, P.E., President and CEO of Engineered Dimensions began the company in 2002, pioneering her consulting services in the mining community across North America.

From the beginning, our 3rd generation firm has focused on meeting customer needs with a complete range of precision measurement and inventory services. When our principals met earlier this year, bringing Engineered Dimensions into the Wingfield family of companies emerged as a timely and compelling undertaking, finalized September 2, 2016.

“This acquisition more than ever positions WINGFIELD SCALE & MEASURE to serve an international clientele of mining, manufacturing and quarrying operations with the highest level of professional mapping, measuring and engineering services.” - Joseph Wingfield, VP of Operations 

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