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Started by Jack Wingfield in 1937, the company has thrived through three generations of leadership from the Wingfield family and continues to be guided by the faith and timeless principles that Jack put in place. 

Our 39 member team has an average tenure of over 14 years working at Wingfield Scale providing a ballast often lacking in today’s workplaces.  Rich institutional knowledge, a people-first culture and a deep trust between teammates allows us to pursue excellence in all we do with a unique strength. When asked about his success, Jack was fond of saying, “We have the best team in the industry, we work hard but God’s favor is the reason for our success.”

We are not the best because we are the oldest we are the oldest because we are the best.

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Jackson Wingfield


Joseph Wingfield


Carol Brown

Office Manager

Jared Wingfield

Director, Scale Rental Inventories, and Measurements

Gerald Davis

Service Manager

Mark Weaver

Systems Manager

Dan Caine

Managing Director Mapping & Measure

James Kenney

Senior Engineer

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