From mechanical systems before electricity to the leading edge of today’s advanced technology Wingfield Scale pulls from its vast experience to deliver a solution for your weighing needs.

From simple balances and bench scales to automated and unattended complete systems we have a solution for your application.

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Balances Batching Systems
Bench Scales Check Weighers
Counting Scales Filling Systems
Crane Scales RFID Tracking
Platform Scales Truck Scale Kiosks
Rail Scales Unattended Systems
Truck Scales Waste Tracking

Automated Solar Power Truck Scale System

Fully automated solar powered truck scale system with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Kiosk.

Custom Heavy Duty Scale

Can be designed to meet your specific needs, such as; Automotive, Foundry, Textiles, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Large Components, Weight Verification, Aeronautical Applications, and much more.

Filling System

Custom filling system with an inclined conveyor, a vibratory transition tray, a gated weigh hopper, and bag funnel. 

Portable Stainless Steel Scale

Stainless steel scale specifically designed to withstand chemical environments. 

Filling System

Custom bag filling system, weighing and bagging, chopped monofilament polypropylene micro-fiber for use in the manufacturing of concrete.  

This system includes; an inclined conveyor leading to a vibratory transition tray, which then feeds into a gated weigh hopper. Once weighed, the chopped monofilament polypropylene empties into a funnel and bagged. These bags are filled to standard weight within +/-.05 LBS in a time of 6 seconds, all day long.

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