Portable Truck Scales for Rent or Sale

Wingfield Scale has a variety of portable truck scales and vehicle scales available for rent or lease, including wheel weighers, axle scales and full-length truck scales. Each unit includes steel ramps and a self-contained frame, eliminating the need for costly foundation and concrete work. Depending on your needs, our full-sized truck scales like the one pictured, or smaller in cab portable truck scales can be rented or purchased.

The different portable truck scales we have available to rent are:

  • Software-Integrated Portable Truck Weigh Scales 
  • Fully Portable Weighbridge Truck Scales
  • Portable Wheel Weigher Units
  • Portable Truck Axle Scales
  • Multiple Portable Truck Scale Configurations
  • Waterproof Truck Scale Designs
  • Portable Truck Scales

Our truck scales are designed to be installed at your location and weighing trucks immediately. Let one of our representatives find the right rental scale to meet your needs today.

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Why Rent Portable Truck Axle Scales from Wingfield Scale?

  • More than 80 years of industry experience
  • Long- and short-term rental solutions
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Expert service technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Wingfield Scales portable truck scales are constructed with a steel-deck scale for weighing over-the-road or off-road vehicles. They are built to weigh trucks, semis, trailers, and shipping containers. We made this truck scale system portable so it's perfect for construction, demolition, logging, sand, gravel, and other operations that move from one job site to another. Our clients in the mining industry use our truck scales to weigh truckloads of material as they leave the site to maintain their inventory. We've also had clients in the construction industry use our truck scales to weigh products they are delivering to the job site. Our portable truck scales can be easily set up to minimize downtime!

We have multiple options to rent, so we can match any budget. We also have multiple options to buy our portable truck scales. You can rent portable wheel pad scales, axle scales, and even full-sized steel deck scales for larger trucks. All of our truck rental scales are available for delivery nationwide or pickup from our warehouse in Chattanooga, TN.

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Portable Wheel Weighers & Pad Scales

The majority of our wheel scales are 20,000 x 10 LB units are made to fit tandem wheels. These mobile scales for trucks can also be used to weigh shipping containers, Conex, trailers, planes, or other large pieces of equipment. The beauty of renting these pad scales and wheel weighers is how portable they are. Bring them along in the cab of your truck and place them anywhere you need to weigh your trucks.

Wingfield Scale wheel weighers are constructed to provide accurate vehicle weighing, with weight capacities of 20,000 lbs per axle for our base level highly-portable scale which is still able to be moved by hand.  Our wheel weigher axle scales are ideal for providing axle as well as total vehicle weights in a light, portable form.  

Wheel weighers from Wingfield Scale are constructed from a single piece of aluminum or steel, providing ultimate portability along with exceptional environmental protection.  They are also extremely water, mud and dirt resistant, so you don't have to worry about them on the job site.

Choose from the multiple models available to find the axle scale that fits your specific application. Portable truck scale rental is a great option for companies who don't need to purchase scales long-term.


Portable Axle Scales

Wingfield Scale's portable axle scales will outperform and outlast most any other axle scale on the market. They are designed to outlast and outperform the competitor's axel scale through their dependable steel construction.

Our scales are built to work in your tough environments and we offer a wide range of configurations to accommodate your specific implementation needs. We can configure our scales to your needs through optional and detachable ramps, a weigh only indicator or a full portable Kiosk with a scoreboard, indicator, ticket printer and automatic driver prompts. Axle scale rental is a perfect option for companies who don't need to purchase scales full-time.

These can be set up in single, tandem, or triple sets. Portable truck axle scales are perfect to rent for long-term construction or mining sites and are easy and affordable to transport.


Full Size Truck Scales - Portable Weighbridges

At Wingfield Scale, we have the world's largest fleet of full-size 70’x11’ steel deck truck scales. These units are self-contained, ready to set down and use. These portable vehicle scales are perfect for weighing anything from a pickup truck to a semi-trailer truck. Build your own ramps or we have steel ramps to rent.

These portable and legal-for-trade weighbridges are designed to be implemented on any job site. They're perfect for construction, logging, demolition, sand, and gravel job sites and can easily be moved from one site to another.

Rent these weighbridges for as long as you need for your project. They're easily portable and extremely accurate. Get in contact today for a quote!

Portable Truck Scales For Sale

Along with renting truck scales, we also sell them. If you're interested in buying new or used truck scales, portable trailer scales, or other vehicle scales, please contact us at (423) 698-0100 or email info@wingfieldscale.com.

Line of trucks delivering truck scales

How Do Truck Scales Work?

Trucks can either be weighed by weighing each axle separately and then adding up the total at the end, which is extremely cumbersome. Or they can also be weighed through a one-stop process where the entire truck is weighed at once. This is quicker but requires long steel framed weighing machines. Recently the one-stop process is starting to get replaced by weigh-in-motion machines where the truck doesn't have to stop. The weight of the truck is calculated as the truck is moving on the scale.

Each option is better for different situations. Axle weighers are better for more flexible jobs sites like mining and construction. One-stop weighing processes are better for stationary job sites like large factories and farms. Weigh-in-motion scales are best for highway weight management. We have both portable axle weighing machines and more stationary steel framed weighing machines in stock for sale or long term rental.

Why Rent Truck Scales?

The use of truck scales is crucial in load management and overall productivity within mining, construction, waste management, and excavation industries. Accurately weighing the product within these industries can help save money and keep the books balanced. Renting truck scales is more affordable and as reliable as owning your own. We offer our customers the convenience and efficiency of renting truck scales, so they can focus on what they're good at and save money in the process

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (423) 698-0100 or email info@wingfieldscale.com.

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