Underground Mapping

Wingfield Scale & Measure specializes in underground mapping and shaft scanning for clients in the mining industry.  The most recent additional service to be offered is autonomous UAV / Drone LiDAR Mapping for inaccessible areas.

Wingfield uses specialized LiDAR equipment underground to collect virtual mapping data of mines and shafts. The virtual maps can be logged into a database and evaluated over time for consistency and historical analysis. Providing high end technical services with quality data gives clients a better look at data and information in difficult to see areas. Using autonomous UAVs now enables areas that were inaccessible or unsafe to enter to be mapped effectively and safely with LiDAR. All Measure Department personnel are 30 CFR PART 46 / 48 MSHA Certified.

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On Site Services:

  • Room & Pillar Scanning / Mapping
  • Autonomous UAV / Drone LiDAR Scanning
  • Stockpile Inventories
  • Annual Tonnage Volumetrics
  • Stopes & Void Volumetrics
  • Shaft Scanning
  • As Built vs Design Comparison
  • Underground Structure Scanning
  • Geotechnical Data Capture
  • Change Detection
  • Specialized Projects or Services - Contact us to learn more!

Underground services have been steadily increasing over the past few years at Wingfield. As our clients’ needs have grown so have our capabilities. Some of our recent achievements:

  • Mapping a 2,000ft timber shaft in a half hour with initial results the next day
  • Mapping a 17+ mile travel way
  • Mapping and volumetrically verifying yearly tonnage from active workfaces
  • The addition of the Emesent Hovermap System enabling us to scan and map areas once inaccessible via UAV / Drone
  • Utilizing change detection to monitor and track mine movement and possible failures
  • Mapping multi-level room and pillar to check pillar stacking and sill thickness

Our Underground Mapping Services Include:

Room and Pillar Scanning

Using static and dynamic LiDAR systems we are able to map, measure, and track room and pillar progress.  LiDAR and processing data allows for enhanced visualization of areas of interest and more precise volumetrics.


Shaft Scanning

Shaft scanning has been used for rehab, repairs, change detection, and historical mapping for sites. The ability to mount our dynamic LiDAR system to a cage and map shafts effectively, safely, and quickly means lower amounts of downtime in hoist operations.


Underground Structure Scanning

With the ability to scan and map with high resolution gives Wingfield expertise in structure scanning not only on the surface but underground.  Making upgrades to structures or creating blueprints that can be accessed anywhere saves time and money.


Autonomous UAV LiDAR Scanning

New to Wingfield services is the ability to map and scan using autonomous UAV / Drones underground.  The UAV can be manually or autonomously flown to map areas that are in accessible or unsafe for personnel to enter. This is commonly used for stopes and voids, failure areas, older / abandoned working areas, and for basic inspection.


Underground Room and Pillar Example

A sample of a room and pillar point cloud and rendered surface used for volumetric calculation, as-built vs design, mine design updates, and more!

Underground Maintenance Shop Example

A processed and scanned underground maintenance shop that was being measured for dimensions and clearance checks for new and existing equipment.

Shaft Scanning with Timber Sets

Point cloud data captured in one hour on a two-compartment timber lined shaft. The data can be used for rehabbing, documentation, change detection, and scoping purposes for other contractors. Wingfield captured the data within 2-3 hours on site to ensure little to no delays in production.

Large Pillars and Change Detection

Large underground mines with high roofs or backs can be challenging to check for changes or movement.  The LiDAR systems used by Wingfield can scan to a range of 600 meters underground and provide real data that can be compared overtime to track movement or changes.

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