Underground Mapping and Shaft Scanning

Wingfield Scale & Measure specializes in underground mapping and shaft scanning for clients in the mining industry. 

Wingfield uses LiDAR underground mapping scans to create virtual maps of mines and shafts. The virtual maps can be logged into a database and evaluated over time for consistency and historical analysis. We work primarily within the underground mining industry providing technical analysis and consulting assisting in their operations.

For the unique challenges manufacturing and mining inventories present please contact Wingfield Scale & Measure. We can develop solutions to fix your problems.

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More History and Detail:

Wingfield Scale has been involved with inventory and industry since 1937, beginning with scales for inventory purposes. Within the last decade, there were many requests to scan our clients' underground mines and shafts as a part of the Wingfield Scale business.  This inspired Wingfield Scale to forge a path using LiDAR-based survey equipment to deliver 3D scans and mapping reports to their clients. We have expertise in underground mapping, shaft scanning, and modeling.

The Measure & Mapping Department started with one employee and one LiDAR instrument providing underground scanning services. It has grown to encompass the latest mine scanning equipment and technology available on a global scale. Wingfield Scale & Measure personnel have backgrounds ranging from mine management to geology. Specializations include Engineering and Technology Management, and Mining Procurement Management, to ensure that your data is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Choose us for your underground mapping and mine scanning needs.

Wingfield Scale & Measure has experience in using LiDAR surveying technology to assist the mining industry in underground mapping services:

  • LiDAR Underground Mapping
  • Shaft Scanning and Modeling
  • LiDAR Surveying Equipment
  • Underground Room and Pillar Scanning
  • Underground Scanning Services

Underground Mapping and Shaft Scanning helps our clients

  • Decrease risk of harm & injury to persons
  • Minimise project delays & reduce costs
  • Map efficiency of their mines over time
  • Understand the structural integrity of their mines
  • Negate unnecessary excavations

Our Underground Mapping Services Include:

Underground Room and Pillar Scanning

We use truck mounted LiDAR scanners to move through mines or any underground room to map and scan underground hallways, rooms, and pillars. Our clients use these 3d maps to understand the structural integrity of their mine along with the efficiency of what the mine is producing. They take historical underground mapping data over time to judge the consistency and quality of the mine. Pillars for multiple levels can also be evaluated for consistency and logged for historical mapping.

Below is a view of a rendered surface of a room and pillar mine created from LiDAR scans.

Underground Shaft Scanning

Shaft scanning has been used for restoration, repairs, and historical mapping for sites. We mount our LiDAR machines on cranes or elevators and map the shaft gradually as we go deeper into the mine. The data can be used for change detection, stability monitoring, or measurement purposes.

Below is a 3d scan of an underground shaft gathered by LiDAR underground mapping.

Our Underground Mapping Customers

Our Mapping and Scanning division has years of experience working with and for our mining clients. These mines include:

  • Zinc
  • Limestone
  • Aggregate
  • Precious Metals
  • Rare Earth Metals
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Clay

Our Customers use us to map their mines for structural integrity and change detection. When customers want to move large excavation equipment to the face of the mine, we can utilize our lidar scans to measure the size of the ribs along the entire mine to see if the equipment would be able to fit. With our underground mapping data, we have saved our clients time, money, and headaches. Get in contact today to see how we can serve your mine!

Underground Room and Pillar Example

Example of an underground room and pillar area scanned and processed by Wingfield Scale & Measure. Video shows point cloud from LiDAR and rendered surfaces used for volume calculation, as built vs design, mine design updates, and more!

Underground Maintenance Shop Example

Example of a underground maintenance shop scanned and processed by Wingfield Scale & Measure.  Video displays the point cloud and rendered surface of the shop with equipment for measurement purposes.  The area can be measured for dimensions and the objects such as the crane can also be measured for clearance checks.

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