UAV/Drone Services

Wingfield Scale & Measure specializes in surveying stockpiles and bulk material inventory through the latest technology available. Emphasizing our clients’ needs of high accuracy data with fast turnaround is a core principle of our department. UAV / Drones have been a key and ever developing tool that Wingfield has experience and expertise with.

UAV / Drone service is a rapidly growing service within the global mapping community and at Wingfield.  With experience LiDAR point cloud instruments, it was a natural fit to include UAV / Drone systems into our services and post processing.  Not only has the use of UAV / Drone systems made the data better, but it has also made work safer and faster on site. All Measure Department personnel are 30 CFR PART 46 / 48 MSHA Certified, and UAV / Drone pilots are Part 107 Certified.  All surface mapping and photogrammetric workflows and production reviewed by ASPRS Certified UAS Mapping Scientist.

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With numerous options for UAV / Drone platforms and data capture methods it can be a confusing and frustrating process to verify, consistently capture, and render quality data.  Wingfield has refined our techniques and services to assist you to fit your needs.  By offering data capture services, post processing capabilities, or rental programs we can help find the best solution for your site or project.

UAV / Drone Services

  • UAV / Drone Specific Work (LiDAR & Photogrammetry)
  • Autonomous UAV / Drone LiDAR Mapping
  • UAV / Drone Photogrammetry Post Processing / Upload Service
  • UAV / Drone Platform Rentals

More About UAV / Drone Services

UAV / Drone Specific Work (LiDAR & Photogrammetry)

With large projects or stripping / overburden projects ensuring the data is captured accurately is extremely important.  With access to LiDAR and photogrammetry platforms and post processing abilities for both Wingfield can custom tailor the data capture to the needs of your projects to give the best outcome.

Fully Autonomous UAV / Drone LiDAR Mapping

New to Wingfield is the Emesent Hovermap LiDAR System that can autonomously capture LiDAR data and video in areas that are inaccessible or unsafe to enter.  Primarily used in underground operations there are also many surface operations where the self-flight and collision avoidance system is key to safely completing work.

UAV / Drone Photogrammetry Post Processing & Upload Service

Have a UAV / Drone but don’t have the computer power or time to complete post processing? No problem, upload your images and ground control points to Wingfield.  We will recommend best practices in the field, validate the uploaded data, and ensure post processing is completed accurately and timely.  Images and processed data will be review by a ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist, not run through black box of a cloud processing computer algorithm.  The images you upload will turn in to data you can trust.

UAV / Drone Platform Rentals

If it is easier to have Wingfield supply the right UAV / Drone for the job and process the data, we have options for this as well.  Our Enterprise program focuses primarily on photogrammetry UAV / Drone systems for stockpile inventories or quarry updates.

Post Processing Video

An example of Pix4D photogrammetry processing. Starting the process from receiving the images from the client we will render and check the data for consistency and issue the reports and deliverables as required by the client.

Autonomous UAV / Drone

Using the Autonomous UAV / Drone for abandoned areas for rehab eliminates the risk of sending personnel into areas where the conditions are unknown.  LiDAR and video provides more information to make better and more informed decisions while not endangering personnel.

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