Structural Scanning

One of our newest services Wingfield offers is Structural Scanning also known as BIM (Building Information Modeling) using LiDAR technology.

Using specialized equipment Wingfield can statically or dynamically scan structures as requested or needed for various environments.  With high accuracy LiDAR capabilities, a 3D environment can be created of an existing structure which can be imported into most computer CAD based software.

Accurately capturing structures digitally enables faster decisions and precise measurements from anywhere in the world.

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Specializing in the mining industry, Wingfield understands the hazards, limitations, and changes that can happen in structures over time.  Structural scanning has given our clients the ability to track change in a structure, create or update digital blueprints, plan upgrades, send data to contractors for accurate bids, establish a historical documentation, and take measurements at anytime from anywhere in the world.

As more of the world and business are turning to digital solutions, creating a digital twin of their assets, they are finding it is easier to plan, make decisions, and budget for projects.  

How is the data captured?

Wingfield uses both static and dynamic LiDAR systems based upon the project requirements and limitations.  The static LiDAR systems are rated for 1mm accuracy while the dynamic LiDAR systems are rate for 30mm accuracy.

What is the difference between static and dynamic LiDAR systems?

Static systems enable a higher accuracy but are normally set up on a tripod system and must remain stationary while the instrument scans.  The point clouds (3D scans) are normally more dense than dynamic point clouds.

Dynamic systems have a lower accuracy but capture data as the system moves and has no need to be on a tripod.  This enables a faster capture rate with the tradeoff of lower accuracy.  Wingfield's dynamic LiDAR can be hand carried or mounted to an aerial platform for large areas or difficult / inaccessible areas.

Can you combine both static and dynamic LiDAR for a project?

Yes, Wingfield has the capabilities and experience to capture both and combine the data sets.

Samples of Past Projects

Mill Building

Scanning large structures that have been in place for years with little to no documentation is ideal to digitally see and take measurements.


If a structure is being rehabbed or being upgraded and there is limited access on a daily basis. Scanning the structure can be valuable for contractors to check measurements without going to site or stopping production.

Hoist House

Documenting the locations of equipment and the placement of new equipment can make projects faster and more efficient when it is checked and planned digitally.

Underground Crane

Planning upgrades for underground but need to be sending information to contractors on placement of equipment or measurements?  Digital twins allow you take measurements in software and avoid the cage ride to check on a measurement.


No time to stop production, no problem. Data can be captured as production is happening is most situations, dynamic LiDAR speeds up the data capture process immensely.

Clearance Checks

Bringing in new equipment or moving a large piece through a facility.  We can help with clearance checks by scanning the structures in the surrounding areas. Data can later be used for additional checks and reference for other projects.

Structure Silos

If you are planning on expanding your existing structures, need to reroute conduits and piping have the facility scanned to better plan and prepare for a quick project. Silos were scanned at this facility from the ground level and the upper level to ensure proper planning would limit delays on upgrades.


Factories built years ago have undergone many changes and upgrades, documenting these changes, and checking clearances for new equipment can save time and money by having a digital model to reference and measure.

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