Stockpile Volume Measurement

Wingfield Scale & Measure specializes in surveying stockpiles and bulk material inventory through the latest technology available. 

Wingfield uses point cloud instruments to gather and process data for stockpile volume measurement. Depending on the situation, we use vehicle-mounted LiDAR Scanning, Drone, UAV, and sUAS Equipment, and stationary LiDAR tools to gather data and Maptek I-Site Studio Software to process it. We work primarily within the mining industry and provide stockpile volumes for products such as coal and petroleum coke, but we can also do work in agricultural products and dry bulk chemicals.

For the unique challenges manufacturing and mining inventories present please contact Wingfield Scale & Measure. We can develop solutions to fix your problems.

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More History and Detail:

Wingfield Scale has been innovating the industrial weighing and scale industry since 1937. Over the past decade, our clients requested for us to measure their stockpiles along with our weighing services. This inspired us to grow our company into a full-service stockpile measurement company. From that, we've forged a path using LiDAR-based survey equipment to deliver 3D volumetric reports to our clients. We have developed an expertise in point cloud data, topography modeling, stockpile measurements, shed and barn measurements, underground modeling, and much more.

Our Measure & Mapping Department started with one employee and one LiDAR instrument. It has since grown to encompass the latest technology and scanning equipment available on a global scale. We use Drones and truck mounted LiDAR to scan and map underground mines as well as stockpiles of bulk product. The department personnel specializations include Engineering and Technology Management, and a Mining Procurement Management expert, to ensure that the data is consistent, reliable, and most importantly accurate.

Choose us for your stockpile Volume measuring needs.

Wingfield Scale & Measure has experience us using Drone/UAV Point Cloud Processing and truck mounted LiDAR to solve surface surveying problems:

  • Topographic Modeling
  • Stockpile Measurement Equipment
  • Volumes of Stockpiles, Slopes, and Voids
  • Drone/UAV Photogrammetry and LiDAR Equipment
  • Drone/UAV Point Cloud Processing

Our Stockpile Measurement Services Include:

Vehicle Mounted LiDAR Scanning

Wingfield Scale & Measure Vehicles use a mobile mounted Maptek I-Site LiDAR Scanners for fast and safe data acquisition in the field. We will drive around the stockpiles within the field and efficiently map each individual stockpile. Using a truck allows us to traverse the area quickly, and our truck mounted LiDAR gives us extremely accurate data.


Drone & UAV Equipment

With access to various types of small unmanned aircraft systems that can be equipped with photogrammetry or LiDAR enables new ways to gather data.

With drones, we can map hundreds of stockpiles within hours. We will come to your site and our experienced drone operator will map the area and customize the drone to fly a pre-engineered flight path. As the drone is flying, it is using either photogrammetry or LiDAR to map individual stockpiles. Compared to older, more manual ways to measure stockpiles, a drone can normally fly the entire route and map the entire area in under an hour.

Shed and Barn Stockpile Scanning

With extensive experience scanning sheds and barns that contain various types of stockpiled material, Wingfield has various solutions for accurate and repeatable inventory measurements. We can utilize LiDAR or photogrammetry and our custom stockpile measurement models to develop an extremely accurate data set. After we have mapped the stockpiles, we deliver the data digitally, so you can see and compare historical records.

Stockpile Volume Measurement

All of our stockpile measurement data is organized and presented in our Maptek I-Site Studio Software. It helps easily communicate an accurate representation of physical stockpile volume. We'll use either a truck-mounted LiDAR, drone photogrammetry or drone mounted LiDAR to measure the volume of the individual stockpiles,  sending the data to our Maptek I-Site Studio Software. After the stockpiles have been measured, either through LiDAR or photogrammetry, we'll save the data and deliver it digitally so you can have all the historical data for your records.

Below is a rendered surface of stockpile volumes created in Maptek I-Site Studio Software. Display views in 3D pdfs to easily review accuracy. 

LiDAR Point Cloud Example

Example of a stockpile yard scanned by Wingfield Scale & Measure. Video shows point cloud from LiDAR data points with rendered surfaces for volumetric modeling.  Point cloud data can be created from sUAS and combined with terrestial data for better coverage of areas.

Shed or Barn Stockpile Example

Example of a material storage enclosure scanned and processed by Wingfield Scale & Measure. Every material shed or barn presents a unique survey challenge.  In video example, the LiDAR point cloud is left with the rendered surface.  Custom structural surfaces can be modeled in these areas allowing consistent, repeatable measurements with each new survey.

Stockpile Yard Example

Example of a stockpile yard scanned and processed by Wingfield Scale & Measure. Video shows point cloud from LiDAR and rendered surfaces used for volume calculation. If the site has vertical tunnels these can be modeled to provide more exact volume measurements as the stockpiles change over time.

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