Loadscan Load Volume Management Rental

Wingfield Scale and Measure offers sales and rental of Loadscan Load Volume Scanners. Perfect for companies in the aggregate, mining, and civil construction industries, Loadscan's proprietary  3d volumetric scanning and load management tool helps companies measure the volume and track aggregate coming into and leaving the site.

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Businesses that need to track and measure the volume of bulk material, understand that speed and accuracy are the highest priority. Whether you're buying or selling or just wanting to keep a proper inventory, you need to be as accurate to the volume of product as possible. Accurate load management helps you make better decisions and be more profitable.

Using payload scanning technology is an alternative service to our truck scale rental service. It's perfect for customers who are very concerned with haulback and overburdened being carried out of the site. It is also quicker and easier to move than a full permanent weighbridge. Contact us today for a custom quote to serve your unique situation.

How Load Volume Scanning Works:

  1. Trucks are tagged with specific RFID tracking chips.
  2. As the truck drives under the scanner, it's volume is tracked and measured with it's RFID tracking number.
  3. When the truck returns fully loaded, it passes through the scanner again.
  4. The software takes the loaded scan, measures it against the empty scan and delivers a volume with 99% accuracy. 

Load Volume Scanning

Loadscan Example Set-up

  • Loadscan has multiple set-up and deployment options.
  • Eliminates handwritten dockets.
  • Easy to set-up, train, and use.

Lidar Enables Accurate Volume Measurement

  • Loadscan's LiDAR technology accounts for haul back.
  • It's proven accurate to -/+1% for soils and aggregate.
  • Doesn't measure water weight.
  • Used not only to track but optimize payloads.

Loadscan Load Management Solutions

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