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Wingfield Scale & Measure specializes in surveying stockpiles and bulk material inventory by providing topographic mapping and stockpile measurements using the latest technology available. We also offer underground mapping services to assist our clients in the underground mapping industry.

Wingfield Scale & Measure uses point cloud instruments to gather and process data for stockpile measurement that delivers value by verifying consistency and accuracy.  Working primarily within the surface and underground mining industry has provided experience in stockpile volumes, as built versus design, open pit or mine design updates, change detection, geotechnical surface rendering, topographic modeling, and much more. Real models solving real problems.

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For the unique challenges manufacturing and mining inventories present please contact Wingfield Scale & Measure to learn more about our solutions to your business needs.

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More History and Detail:

Wingfield Scale has been involved with inventory and industry since 1937, beginning with scales for inventory purposes. Within the last decade, there were many requests to scan our clients' underground mines and shafts as a part of the Wingfield Scale business.  This inspired Wingfield Scale to forge a path using LiDAR-based survey equipment to deliver 3D scans and mapping reports to their clients. We have expertise in using stockpile measurement equipment and shaft scanning and modeling.

The Measure & Mapping Department started with one employee and one LiDAR instrument. It has grown to encompass the latest mine scanning equipment and technology available on a global scale. Wingfield Scale & Measure personnel have backgrounds ranging from mine management to geology. Specializations include Engineering and Technology Management, and Mining Procurement Management, to ensure that your data is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Choose us for your stockpile measuring and mine scanning needs.

Wingfield Scale & Measure has experience in using survey technology for solving:

  • Stockpile Volume Measurement
  • Underground Mapping
  • Open Pit/Mine Design Updates
  • End of Month Surveys
  • Overburden Removal Analysis
  • Geotechnical Surface Rendering
  • Geotechnical Analysis
  • Landfill Surveys
  • Stereonets
  • Change Detection/Slope and Stability Monitoring
  • As Built vs. Design
  • Pre and Post Blast Modeling
  • Post Processing Support

All Wingfield Scale & Measure personnel are MSHA certified, if you have a project idea or would like to discuss combining services, please give us a call or email.  Our focus is providing the best solution: assurance, accuracy, consistency, and dependability.

Additional Services Include:

Open Pit & Quarry Scanning

LiDAR point cloud of open pit mine, used to generate a surface, contours, pit updates, and as built vs. design comparisons.


Overburden Removal Measurement

Visually and quantitively verify contractors reports for overburden removal. Once approved the overall site surface can be updated.


Geotechnical Surface Rendering

High resolution georeferenced data ready to import into various geotechnical software packages can be acquired and rendered.


Change Detection/Slope and Stability Monitoring

Create customized data ranges to determine the distance of change and visualize the variance. This can be useful for overburden, reclamation, shotcrete depths, or tracking movement.


Drone, UAV, and sUAS Point Cloud Processing

Bringing together data from unmanned aircraft systems with terrestrial data can be complex.  Filtering and registering the data can be done to create a surface that can be reviewed for accuracy.


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