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  • Bin Weigher Application
    Bin Weigher Application
    Custom Solution

    Weigh up to 2 bins of product for loading or unloading trailers for events or for scrap. Easy to use operator interface walks operator through the process as well as the ability to scan a barcode for each step.

  • Custom Checkweigher
    Custom Checkweigher
    Checkweighers Custom Solution

    Another custom checkweigher ready to be delivered and installed!

  • Custom Scale
    Custom Scale
    Custom Solution

    Throughout our 85-year history we’ve customized every type of scale on the market. Give us the opportunity to provide a custom solution for you.

  • 07/06/2022
    Custom Bulk Inventory Scale
    Custom Solution Filling Systems

    Improve the speed of product flow and the efficiency of your cycle counts or physical inventory by using our custom bulk inventory scales, which are available in various shapes, sizes and weighing modes.

  • 06/21/2022
    Custom Mixing Scales
    Batch Systems Batching Custom Solution Mixing Tank Scales

    Our custom mixing scales include an intuitive, functional, user-friendly design for your most material sensitive and complex mixing applications.

  • 06/16/2022
    We Make Custom Checkweighers

    Our checkweighers can be built with lower and/or upper limits to help you effectively sort, package or properly reject out of tolerance product. We can design a checkweigher to improve the accuracy of your product and shipments.