Ohaus Repair Center

Ohaus Repair Center

We are one of a few national authorized Ohaus repair centers with fully factory-trained service technicians.

Ohaus Repair Center

ATTENTION: It is important that you contact Ohaus Technical Support directly at 800-672-7722 (option 3) to determine whether our repair center is the best option for you. If determined it is, please contact Elias Guevara at 423-698-0100 for assistance in filling out the form below.

Repair Form and Declaration of Decontamination

Complete a separate form for each product returned to Wingfield Scale Company. Failure to fully complete this form may result in repair delays, and equipment may be returned unrepaired at your expense.

When completed, you will be emailed a copy of your submission. Please print and use as packing slip when shipping scale. Call 423-698-0100 with any questions.

Ship scale to:
ATTN: Repairs
Wingfield Scale Company
2205 S. Holtzclaw Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Part I: Repair Information

Part II: Declaration of Decontamination

In order to ensure the adequate protection of our technicians, Wingfield Scale Company requires our customers to declare the types of substances that have been in contact with the product(s) you are returning for service/repair. As part of the service agreement, you are responsible for the decontamination of your product prior to shipping.

Has this equipment been used with dangerous, poisonous, or radioactive materials?*

Can this equipment be handled and disassembled without risk?*

Part III: Terms of Service

Please follow the link below and review the terms of service.

Wingfield Scale Terms of Service

Part IV: Signature

I, , agree to the terms of service and certify that I am the equipment owner / I am authorized to act on behalf of the equipment owner, and have decontaminated the referenced unit and tested it for radiation level hazard and potential hazard(s) from bio-hazardous materials and/or chemicals.


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    Ohaus Repair
    Ohaus Repair Center
    As a regional service center, we offer expert repair and service on Ohaus measurement devices.
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