Map & Measure Media
  • 07/07/2022
    UAV Post Processing Video Example
    Drone Inventories Photogrammetry Post Processing Stockpile Surface UAV

    An example of Pix4D photogrammetry processing. Starting the process from receiving the images from the client we will render and check the data for consistency and issue the reports and deliverables as required by the client.

  • 07/07/2022
    Factories and Forges
    LiDAR Structural Scanning

    Factories built years ago have undergone many changes and upgrades, documenting these changes, and checking clearances for new equipment can save time and money by having a digital model to reference and measure.

  • 07/07/2022
    Structure Silos
    LiDAR Structural Scanning Surface

    Planning on expanding existing structures, reroute conduits and piping? Have the facility scanned to better plan and prepare for a quick project, silos were scanned at this facility from the ground level and the upper level to ensure proper planning.

  • 07/07/2022
    Large Pillars and Change Detection
    Change Detection LiDAR Room and Pillar Underground

    Large underground mines with high roofs or backs can be challenging to check for changes or movement. The LiDAR systems used by Wingfield can scan to a range of 600 meters underground and provide real data that can be compared overtime to track movement.

  • 07/07/2022
    Shaft Scanning with Timber Sets
    LiDAR Mineshaft Underground

    Point cloud data captured in one hour on a two-compartment 2,000ft timber lined shaft. Data is used for rehabbing, documentation, change detection, and scoping purposes for other contractors.

  • 07/07/2022
    Underground Maintenance Shop Example
    LiDAR Structural Scanning Underground

    A processed and scanned underground maintenance shop that was being measured for dimensions and clearance checks for new and existing equipment.

  • 07/07/2022
    Underground Room and Pillar Example
    LiDAR Room and Pillar Underground

    A sample of a room and pillar point cloud and rendered surface used for volumetric calculation, as-built vs design, convergence, mine design updates, and more!

  • 07/07/2022
    Stockpile Surface Example
    Inventories LiDAR Stockpile Surface UAV

    A stockpile yard at a port scanned and processed, the rendered surfaces ready for volumetric modeling. Point cloud data can be created from UAV / Drone and combined with LiDAR data.

  • 07/07/2022
    Dome Inventory Example
    Custom Solution Dome Inventory Measurements Shed

    Stockpile inventory example in a dome. Data is captured in minutes and can give visual insights and measurements of the current dome or silo stockpile.

  • 07/07/2022
    Overburden / Stripping Example
    Overburdern Surveys Quarry Stripping Surface

    An overlay of the point clouds captured from a LiDAR UAV / Drone is made into strips and overlaid on the final rendered surface. Being able to determine ground surface from the tops of trees and vegetation is critical for volume calculations.

  • 07/07/2022
    Stockpile Yard Example
    Inventories LiDAR Stockpile Surface UAV

    Point clouds from LiDAR and rendered surfaces used for volume calculation. If the site has tunnels and feeders these can be modeled to provide more exact volume measurements as the stockpiles change over time.

  • 07/07/2022
    Shed / Barn Stockpile Example
    Inventories LiDAR Shed Stockpile Surface

    Material storage enclosure scanned and processed, every material shed or barn presents a unique survey challenge. Custom structural surfaces can be modeled in these areas allowing consistent, repeatable measurements with each measurement.

  • 06/14/2022
    Autonomous LiDAR UAV/Drone
    Autonomous Drone LiDAR UAV Underground

    Using our Autonomous UAV/Drone to examine abandoned mine travel-ways allowed our client to understand and mitigate hazard before exposing men and machines. The video-LiDAR displayed critical, otherwise inaccessible data available to decision makers.

  • 06/14/2022
    Liberty Aviation Museum - Ford Tri-Motor LiDAR Scan
    Aviation LiDAR Scanning Structural Scanning

    Dynamic LiDAR scanning of the Ford Tri-Motor Aircraft at Liberty Aviation Museum.