• 07/07/2022
    Dome Inventory Example
    Custom Solution Dome Inventory Measurements Shed
    Stockpile inventory example in a dome. Data is captured in minutes and can give visual insights and measurements of the current dome or silo stockpile.
  • 07/07/2022
    Shed / Barn Stockpile Example
    Inventories LiDAR Shed Stockpile Surface
    Material storage enclosure scanned and processed, every material shed or barn presents a unique survey challenge. Custom structural surfaces can be modeled in these areas allowing consistent, repeatable measurements with each measurement.
  • Stockpile Inventories
    Stockpile Inventories
    Inventories Shed Stockpile Surface
    Inventory is the core of our department and continues to be updated and refined as technology advances. We complete stockpile inventories for various clients with different needs from UAV only, none flight zones, sheds, and underground inventory.
  • Shed & Barn Stockpile Inventories
    Shed & Barn Stockpile Inventories
    Barn Inventories Shed Stockpile
    Repeatable and high accuracy data is required for scanning inside sheds and stockpiles. With normally less than ideal environments, we are experienced with capturing and rendering consistent results safely.
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