• UAV / Drone Specific Work (LiDAR & Photogrammetry)
    UAV / Drone Specific Work (LiDAR & Photogrammetry)
    Drone Overburdern Surveys Quarry Stripping Surface UAV
    Ensuring large projects such as stripping/overburden projects are captured accurately is extremely important. With access to LiDAR & photogrammetry platforms and post processing abilities for both Wingfield can custom tailor the data capture.
  • 07/07/2022
    Overburden / Stripping Example
    Overburdern Surveys Quarry Stripping Surface
    An overlay of the point clouds captured from a LiDAR UAV / Drone is made into strips and overlaid on the final rendered surface. Being able to determine ground surface from the tops of trees and vegetation is critical for volume calculations.
  • Change Detection Scanning
    Change Detection Scanning
    Change Detection Quarry Surface
    Create customized data ranges to determine the distance of change and visualize the variance. This can be useful for overburden, reclamation, shotcrete depths, or tracking movement of material.
  • Overburden & Stripping Surveys
    Overburden & Stripping Surveys
    Overburdern Surveys Quarry Stripping Surface
    Visually and quantitively verify contractors reports for overburden removal. Once approved the overall quarry surface can be updated reflecting the new changes.
  • Quarry & Open Pit Mapping
    Quarry & Open Pit Mapping
    Open Pit Quarry Surface
    LiDAR and/or photogrammetry point clouds of open pit mines is used to generate a surface, contours, quarry updates, and as built vs. design comparisons.
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