• Headframe Structural Example
    Headframe Structural Example
    LiDAR Mineshaft Structural Scanning
    If a structure is being rehabbed or being upgraded and there is limited access on a daily basis. Scanning the structure can be valuable for contractors to check measurements without going to site or stopping production.
  • 07/07/2022
    Shaft Scanning with Timber Sets
    LiDAR Mineshaft Underground
    Point cloud data captured in one hour on a two-compartment 2,000ft timber lined shaft. Data is used for rehabbing, documentation, change detection, and scoping purposes for other contractors.
  • Mine Shaft Scanning
    Mine Shaft Scanning
    LiDAR Mineshaft Underground
    Shaft scanning has been used for rehab, repairs, change detection, and historical mapping. The ability to mount our dynamic LiDAR system to a cage and map shafts effectively, safely, and quickly means lower amounts of downtime in hoist operations.
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