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AllCount is an affordable and easy to use inventory management app.

Wingfield Scale has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing industries from coast to coast. We've spent the past year utilizing that experience to develop an inventory management app focused on making annual and perpetual inventories more efficient. AllCount automates the data entry process, avoiding the error-prone task of handwriting tags and the data entry tags. AllCount can be used to audit inventory count in real time, syncing with your backend inventory system. This reduces overall inventory time and the possibility of errors.

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How AllCount Works

During your annual inventory, we will deliver a set of tablets and Bluetooth printers to your plant or warehouse with our patented AllCount software. You rent the tablets and the software, so you don’t need to worry about high costs of licensing or initial hardware. We will be on site during the inventory, teaching your team how to accurately perform inventory. After the inventory is complete, we’ll bring back the tablets and you just saved thousands of dollars.

Save Money and Trust Your Inventory

AllCount has transformed the way our clients perform inventory. By using AllCount they become more efficient, more precise, and quicker. They save production time because they're able to finish their inventory sooner. They trust their inventory count more because everything is saved digitally. By helping our clients reduce production downtime and reduce errors in their inventory count, they're able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars during their annual inventory.

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Better Than Handwritten Tags

Plants and warehouses have usually kept inventory through manually written physical tags. An employee who's documenting the inventory will write the location, quantity, and part number of the item being inventoried, then they will pass that handwritten tag to someone who will input that data into a system. Writing the inventory can lead to illegibility and the probability of incorrect data being stored. The whole process has historically been error-prone, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory being misplaced and undocumented every year. 

Our system does away with the old physical, handwritten tags and allows you to save that information directly into your inventory database. You just have to enter the location, part number, and quantity of the item into our tablets and it syncs automatically to your inventory system. Utilizing our Bluetooth printers, you're also able to print out physical tags to keep up with your physical inventory. With the AllCount inventory management system, our clients have seen up to 84% reduction of errors!

Up To 76% Faster Inventory

AllCount gives you the ability to audit your inventory in real time, negating the need for a data entry team and verifying the ID of the inventory automatically. Our clients have mentioned that with AllCount, they've seen 76% faster inventory year over year. This means their bringing the plant or warehouse back to production faster, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

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AllCount Overview

With AllCount you can save production time and money by using our digital inventory management app!

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