• Quarry & Open Pit Mapping
    06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Quarry & Open Pit Mapping
    Open Pit Quarry Surface

    LiDAR and/or photogrammetry point clouds of open pit mines is used to generate a surface, contours, quarry updates, and as built vs. design comparisons.

  • Geotechnical Data Capture
    06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Geotechnical Data Capture
    Geotechnical Surface Underground

    High resolution georeferenced data can be captured and processed ready to import into various geotechnical software packages.

  • Stockpile Inventories
    06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Stockpile Inventories
    Inventories Shed Stockpile Surface

    Inventory is the core of our department and continues to be updated and refined as technology advances. We complete stockpile inventories for various clients with different needs from UAV only, none flight zones, sheds, and underground inventory.

  • Shed & Barn Stockpile Inventories
    06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Shed & Barn Stockpile Inventories
    Barn Inventories Shed Stockpile

    Repeatable and high accuracy data is required for scanning inside sheds and stockpiles. With normally less than ideal environments, we are experienced with capturing and rendering consistent results safely.

  • UAV / Drone Platforms
    06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    UAV / Drone Platforms
    Drone Surface UAV

    Various types of UAV / Drone systems that can be equipped with photogrammetry or LiDAR are available for a variety of projects. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and technology, so we can use the right tool for each job we do.

  • Professional LiDAR Scanning
    06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Professional LiDAR Scanning
    LiDAR Mining Scanning Surface Underground

    The ability to use various LiDAR and UAV technologies in the field allows us to rapidly capture data in adverse conditions while maintaining timelines for quarry updates or stockpile inventories.