• Multi-Layer Packout Station
    07/06/2022 - Scales
    Multi-Layer Packout Station
    Custom Solution

    This custom solution checkweighs each layer of the packout process, ensuring that every step of the packout process contains the correct amount of parts.

  • Assembly
    24/7 Support Certified Technicians

    In addition to the quality service we’ve provided our customers for over 85 years, we can work with you to assemble or modify the scale to fit your needs.

  • Solar Powered Portable Axle Scale
    07/06/2022 - Scales
    Solar Powered Portable Axle Scale
    Portable Axle Scales

    Available for rent or purchase, our solar powered portable axle scales are heavy duty, easy to use, and can be placed in remote environments where its difficult to get electricity. We also have portable wheel weighers.

  • Stainless Steel Platform Scales
    07/06/2022 - Scales
    Stainless Steel Platform Scales
    Platform Scales

    We have a variety of stainless steel platform scales that are durable in highly corrosive environments and can be cut, welded and shaped easily.

  • 07/06/2022 - Scale Systems
    Custom Bulk Inventory Scale
    Custom Solution Filling Systems

    Improve the speed of product flow and the efficiency of your cycle counts or physical inventory by using our custom bulk inventory scales, which are available in various shapes, sizes and weighing modes.

  • Truck Scales with Solar Panels
    06/21/2022 - Scales
    Truck Scales with Solar Panels
    Solar Powered Truck Scales

    Need a truck scale in a remote location where it's difficult to access electricity? Give us a call today about implementing a solar solution with your existing truck scale and its display.

  • 06/21/2022 - Scale Systems
    Custom Mixing Scales
    Batch Systems Batching Custom Solution Mixing Tank Scales

    Our custom mixing scales include an intuitive, functional, user-friendly design for your most material sensitive and complex mixing applications.

  • 06/16/2022 - Scale Systems
    We Make Custom Checkweighers

    Our checkweighers can be built with lower and/or upper limits to help you effectively sort, package or properly reject out of tolerance product. We can design a checkweigher to improve the accuracy of your product and shipments.

  • 06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Autonomous LiDAR UAV/Drone
    Autonomous Drone LiDAR UAV Underground

    Using our Autonomous UAV/Drone to examine abandoned mine travel-ways allowed our client to understand and mitigate hazard before exposing men and machines. The video-LiDAR displayed critical, otherwise inaccessible data available to decision makers.

  • 06/14/2022 - Map & Measure
    Liberty Aviation Museum - Ford Tri-Motor LiDAR Scan
    Aviation LiDAR Scanning Structural Scanning

    Dynamic LiDAR scanning of the Ford Tri-Motor Aircraft at Liberty Aviation Museum.