• Overburden & Stripping Surveys
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Overburden & Stripping Surveys
    Overburdern Surveys Quarry Stripping Surface

    Visually and quantitively verify contractors reports for overburden removal. Once approved the overall quarry surface can be updated reflecting the new changes.

  • In-Motion and Static Calibration
    07/07/2022 - Railroad
    In-Motion and Static Calibration
    Railroad Scales

    Whether your railroad scale is static or coupled-in-motion we have a two-truck system with 80,000 lbs. of test weights to provide you timely calibration and certification.

  • Load Test
    Load Test
    Load Test

    We have up to 150,000 lbs. to simulate authentic user scenarios to give you confidence in the upper limits your machinery and equipment. In addition to various load/stress tests, we also have load and tension monitors.

  • Custom Scale
    07/06/2022 - Scale Systems
    Custom Scale
    Custom Solution

    Throughout our 85-year history we’ve customized every type of scale on the market. Give us the opportunity to provide a custom solution for you.

  • Multi-Layer Packout Station
    07/06/2022 - Scales
    Multi-Layer Packout Station
    Custom Solution

    This custom solution checkweighs each layer of the packout process, ensuring that every step of the packout process contains the correct amount of parts.

  • Assembly
    24/7 Support Certified Technicians

    In addition to the quality service we’ve provided our customers for over 85 years, we can work with you to assemble or modify the scale to fit your needs.

  • Solar Powered Portable Axle Scale
    07/06/2022 - Scales
    Solar Powered Portable Axle Scale
    Portable Axle Scales

    Available for rent or purchase, our solar powered portable axle scales are heavy duty, easy to use, and can be placed in remote environments where its difficult to get electricity. We also have portable wheel weighers.

  • Stainless Steel Platform Scales
    07/06/2022 - Scales
    Stainless Steel Platform Scales
    Platform Scales

    We have a variety of stainless steel platform scales that are durable in highly corrosive environments and can be cut, welded and shaped easily.

  • 07/06/2022 - Scale Systems
    Custom Bulk Inventory Scale
    Custom Solution Filling Systems

    Improve the speed of product flow and the efficiency of your cycle counts or physical inventory by using our custom bulk inventory scales, which are available in various shapes, sizes and weighing modes.

  • Truck Scales with Solar Panels
    06/21/2022 - Scales
    Truck Scales with Solar Panels
    Solar Powered Truck Scales

    Need a truck scale in a remote location where it's difficult to access electricity? Give us a call today about implementing a solar solution with your existing truck scale and its display.