• Point Cloud Data of Collapsed Inaccessible Tunnel
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Point Cloud Data of Collapsed Inaccessible Tunnel
    Autonomous Drone LiDAR UAV

    This point cloud data was captured using Autonomous UAV LiDAR to be used for rehabilitation project analysis in a partially collapsed rail tunnel.

  • Dome Inventory Volume Cross Section View
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Dome Inventory Volume Cross Section View
    Dome Inventory Measurements

    A cross sections view of the LiDAR point cloud data gathered in a dome for inventory measurements.

  • 07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    UAV Post Processing Video Example
    Drone Inventories Photogrammetry Post Processing Stockpile Surface UAV

    An example of Pix4D photogrammetry processing. Starting the process from receiving the images from the client we will render and check the data for consistency and issue the reports and deliverables as required by the client.

  • UAV/Drone Photogrammetry Post Processing & Upload Service
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    UAV/Drone Photogrammetry Post Processing & Upload Service
    Drone Inventories Stockpile Surface UAV

    Using a UAV/Drone but don’t have the time to complete post processing? Upload your images and ground control points to Wingfield. We will recommend best practices, validate the uploaded data, and and and ensure post processing is completed accurately.

  • UAV / Drone Specific Work (LiDAR & Photogrammetry)
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    UAV / Drone Specific Work (LiDAR & Photogrammetry)
    Drone Overburdern Surveys Quarry Stripping Surface UAV

    Ensuring large projects such as stripping/overburden projects are captured accurately is extremely important. With access to LiDAR & photogrammetry platforms and post processing abilities for both Wingfield can custom tailor the data capture.

  • 07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Factories and Forges
    LiDAR Structural Scanning

    Factories built years ago have undergone many changes and upgrades, documenting these changes, and checking clearances for new equipment can save time and money by having a digital model to reference and measure.

  • 07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Structure Silos
    LiDAR Structural Scanning Surface

    Planning on expanding existing structures, reroute conduits and piping? Have the facility scanned to better plan and prepare for a quick project, silos were scanned at this facility from the ground level and the upper level to ensure proper planning.

  • Clearance Checks Examples
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Clearance Checks Examples
    LiDAR Structural Scanning Surface

    Bringing in new equipment or moving a large piece through a facility. We can help with clearance checks by scanning the structures in the surrounding areas. Data can later be used for additional checks and reference for other projects.

  • Forge/Factory Example
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Forge/Factory Example
    LiDAR Structural Scanning

    No time to stop production, no problem. Data can be captured as production is happening is most situations, dynamic LiDAR speeds up the data capture process immensely.

  • Underground Crane Example
    07/07/2022 - Map & Measure
    Underground Crane Example
    LiDAR Structural Scanning Underground

    Planning upgrades for underground but need to be sending information to contractors on placement of equipment or measurements? Digital twins allow you take measurements in software and avoid the cage ride to check on a measurement.