• 07/13/2022 - WingScan
    WingScan T Truck LiDAR Scanning Video
    WingScan WingScan T

    Used in permanent, semi permanent, and mobile applications, the truck volume scanner provides real time volumes of vehicle truck beds. Delivers real-time volume and images on each truck load including haul back.

  • Crane Scales Ready to Go!
    07/13/2022 - Scales
    Crane Scales Ready to Go!
    Crane Scales

    Industrial strength crane scales for rent or purchase ranging from 100 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. capacity. They can endure extreme environments and have the capability to operate with a wireless customizable display. We also offer load and tension monitors.

  • Ohaus Repair
    Ohaus Repair
    Ohaus Repair Center

    As a regional service center, we offer expert repair and service on Ohaus measurement devices.

  • Bench Scales
    07/13/2022 - Scales
    Bench Scales
    Bench Scales

    Our bench scales offer you a convenient, portable solution ranging from 1-45kg or 2-100lb capacity. Whether you’re in a laboratory or a harsh industrial environment our bench scales can meet your weighing needs.

  • Fast Response Repair
    Fast Response Repair
    24/7 Support Certified Technicians Service

    We offer our customers on-call 24/7 service to give you fast repair and expert maintenance when you need it.

  • TWCS Touchscreen Counting Scale
    07/13/2022 - Scales
    TWCS Touchscreen Counting Scale
    Counting Scales Dual Counting Scales

    We are very proud of our internally developed precision color touch screen counting scale for many reasons. It’s user-friendly with the largest color display in the industry with a self-prompting counting process and optional Bluetooth capability.

  • Custom Scale
    07/13/2022 - Scales
    Custom Scale
    Custom Solution

    Throughout our 85-year history we’ve customized every type of scale on the market. Give us the opportunity to provide a custom solution for you.

  • Lab Scales
    07/13/2022 - Scales
    Lab Scales
    Lab Balances Pharmaceutical

    Our lab scales and moisture balances give you reliable precise measurements.

  • 07/08/2022 - Rental
    AllCount Custom Solution Inventories Physical Inventories

    Wingfield Scale developed AllCount, an innovative app to revolutionize the way to perform your API. No more handwritten tags or waiting to audit, No more lost tags or searching for part numbers! Cut the time it takes to do PI in half with AllCount.

  • WingScan R Data Point Clouds of Railcar Empty and Loaded
    07/07/2022 - WingScan
    WingScan R Data Point Clouds of Railcar Empty and Loaded
    WingScan WingScan R

    WingScan R LiDAR system can scan the railcars empty and full to give volumetric and loading information.