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Third-generation family business providing innovative weighing and measuring solutions in one of the world’s most enduring industries. Wingfield Scale nationally recognized scale company with the largest rental scale inventory in the market.







From mechanical systems before electricity to the leading edge of today’s advanced technology Wingfield Scale pulls from its vast experience to deliver a solution for your weighing needs.

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Wingfield Scale has the world’s largest fleet of industrial rental scales and weighing systems. From laboratory balances, to 800,000 LB platform scales and portable truck scales, we have a complete rental fleet standing by.

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Wingfield Scale & Measure specializes in surveying stockpiles and bulk material inventory by providing topographic mapping and stockpile volume measurements using the latest technology available.

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Latest News

Wingfield Scale & Measure Company is proud to announce our Senior sUAV Specialist, Hayes Wilkinson,
has been licensed as a Certified Mapping Scientist by ASPRS.

"This certification can be thought of as an intermediate to advanced step between a licensed professional like a Professional Engineer or a Professional Land Surveyor and Joe-Blow-with-a-drone.  Being a Certified Mapping Scientist allows us to operate with a higher degree of legitimacy and our clients can have a greater level trust in the quality of the data we provide.  The CMS-UAS certification is only a few years old, so it’s somewhat uncommon.  But given the rapid growth and accessibility of the drone mapping industry, it helps a potential client to see that our business employs sound mapping and survey techniques in our work.  Many land surveyors today use drones, but don’t necessarily know the best practices for optimizing their results.  This certification effectively says, I’m not a PLS but I’m deemed competent in the theory and practice of using UAVs for aerial mapping work.  I think in several more years, this certification will gain more widespread notoriety and recognition as drone service providers work to prove to their clients that they know their craft. " - Hayes

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AllCount - Inventory Management App

AllCount is an affordable and easy to use inventory management app.

Wingfield Scale has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing industries from coast to coast. We've spent the past year utilizing that experience to develop an inventory management app focused on making annual and perpetual inventories more efficient. AllCount automates the data entry process, avoiding the error-prone task of handwriting tags and the data entry tags. AllCount can be used to audit inventory count in real time, syncing with your backend inventory system. This reduces overall inventory time and the possibility of errors.

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ISO 17025 and ANSI Z540

Wingfield was the first scale company in the U.S. to complete accreditation to both ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 (formerly known as Guide 25).

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Who We Are

Since 1937

Started by Jack Wingfield in 1937, the company has thrived through three generations of leadership from the Wingfield family and continues to be guided by the faith and timeless principles that Jack put in place.

Over the past 80 years, Wingfield Scale Company has been the leading authority in scale rental and weighing systems. As technology continuously evolves, we strive to maintain the leading edge on weighing and inventory equipment globally. 

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