Portable Truck Scales for Rent

Wingfield Scale has a variety of portable truck scales available for rent or lease, including wheel weighers, axle scales and full-length truck scales. Each unit includes steel ramps and a self-contained frame, eliminating the need for costly foundation and concrete work. Depending on your needs, our full-sized truck scales like the one pictured, or smaller in cab portable truck scales can be rented or purchased.

Our truck scales are designed to be installed at your location and weighing trucks immediately. Let one of our representatives find the right rental scale to meet your needs today.

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Why Rent from Wingfield Scale?

  • More than 80 years of industry experience
  • Long- and short-term rental solutions
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Expert service technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Wingfield Scales portable truck scales are constructed with a steel-deck scale for weighing over-the-road or off-road vehicles. They are built to weigh trucks, semis, trailers, and shipping containers. We made this truck scale system portable so it's perfect for construction, demolition, logging, sand, gravel, and other operations that move from one job site to another.

Portable Wheel Weighers

The majority of our units are 20,000 x 10 LB units are made to fit tandem wheels. These units can also be used to weigh shipping containers, Conex, trailers, planes, or other large pieces of equipment.  


Axle Scales

Axle Scales include detachable ramps. These can be set up in single, tandem, or triple sets. Additional options are a weigh only indicator or a full portable Kiosk with scoreboard, indicator, ticket printer and automatic driver prompts. 


Full Size Truck Scales

The world's largest fleet of full size 70’x11’ truck scales. These units are self-contained, ready to set down and use. Build your own ramps or we have steel ramps to rent.

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