Wingfield Scale has the world’s largest fleet of rental scales. From laboratory balances, to 800,000 LB platform scales, we have a complete rental fleet standing by.

Specializing in counting scales for Physical Inventories, we have a fleet of over 2,000 units to serve our customers globally. We have designed and developed our own counting scales specifically for Inventories. 

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History and Detail

Wingfield Scale has been in business since 1937. In the 1970s Wingfield Scale began a separate department which solely concentrated its staff and resources to assist manufactures, using scales as a method to count during their annual physical inventory. The end result is a staff with over 100 years of combined experience pioneering and dominating the counting scale market. Physical Inventory is our CORE COMPETENCY 24/7/365.

Our fleet of over 2,000 counting scales range from the small gram counting scales to large dual 100 x 20,000 LB 5’x5’ platform scales. The Wingfield Counting Scale (WCS) was engineered and designed in house specifically for physical inventories with the following features:

  • Long Battery Life – Up to 80 hour battery life, giving users true portability.
  • Large Back Lit Display – Easy to read.
  • Easy to use –  “One” button operation, a Patent Pending design feature unique to our scale
  • Accuracy – Using latest loadcell technology and counting algorithm, our scales are precise

Tech In Plant

We provide professionally certified technicians onsite during the Physical Inventory. Customers appreciate the added expertise during such a critical time. Our Wingfield Scale technicians are familiar with various industries and are safety trained. They are as comfortable working with plant management, operators, and auditors alike. All Wingfield Scale employees strive to help solve your sites challenges while creating additional value.  If you have another project idea or would like to discuss combining services, please give our Wingfield Scale experts a call or email.  Our focus is on providing the best solution for you that can be trusted.

Benchtop Counting Scales

Over 1,000 benchtop counting scales from 2 LB to 100 LB units.

Battery Powered Counting Scales

6, 15, 30 and 60 LB benchtop counting scales have batteries that last up to 80 hours. Our 100 LB units have batteries as well as our 1000 LB dual Rollarounds.

Dual Counting Scales – Rollaround

30 x 1,000 LB battery powered portable “Rollaround” counting scale. Moves with you as you change locations counting throughout the day.

Dual Counting Scale – Platform Scales

60 x 5,000 LB 4’x4’ & 100 x 20,000 LB Heavy Duty 5’x5’ Platform Counting Scales.


Crane Scales

Cranes scales ranging from 100 LB to 100,000 LB crane scale. We have over 40 units to choose from, all battery powered with remote controls.



Dynamometers from 100 LB to 140,000 LB units. If you have a special project in mind we can build to suit.


Portable Wheel Weighers

The majority of our units are 20,000 x 10 LB units are made to fit tandem wheels. These units can also be used to weigh shipping containers, Conex, trailers, planes, or other large pieces of equipment.  


Axle Scales

Axle Scales include detachable ramps. These can be set up in single, tandem, or triple sets. Additional options are a weigh only indicator or a full portable Kiosk with scoreboard, indicator, ticket printer and automatic driver prompts. 


Reel Counters & Component Counters

Component counters/Reel counters are reliable and easy-to-use for any Axial, Radial or SMD device. 

Full Size Truck Scales

The world's largest fleet of full size 70’x11’ truck scales. These units are self-contained, ready to set down and use. Build your own ramps or we have steel ramps to rent.

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